‘The Animazombs’ is an adventure series created by Ashley Yeates revolving around chalk and cheese twins Sophie & Max Unbound and their mystical power which brings to life unique and lovable 'animal zombies’.


Initially launched as a soft-toy on Kickstarter, the Animazombs were conceived after a friend whimsically noted during a game of 'Dead Island' that in all zombie pandemics the animals always escaped unaffected - and seeing a zombie giraffe wandering about would be pretty comical... and thus an obsession was born!

Putting pen to paper, I designed various ideas for a soft-toy range before enlisting the help of a design agency. It was here where I first started working with illustrator Jon, who proved to be on a similar wavelength to me, however, with agency costs draining my resources it became difficult to continue operating through them. This led to me working in a more direct route to factories, where I took the production drawings and after many (many, many) revisions, created the current batch of Animazombs which successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2013.

Selling the products at Comic Cons and other events, the characters proved to be a much loved bunch; the majority of products sold out and with little stock left I started working on Series 2, recommissioning the talents of Jon. Given the nature of manufacturing MOQs, the investment needed for Series 2 was unfeasible, leading me to refocus completely for 2017 with one goal in mind.

Throughout a trying 4 year period, I had experienced much, but it was the Series 2 failure which prompted real efforts to developing the series. I could only afford to manage it part-time and slowly worked on taking things to a new level. Inviting Jon to join me, we worked tirelessly to create a new pitch bible - which I hope is being enjoyed with as much excitement as was had creating it.


In this modern day Noah's Ark style allegory, we follow the adventures of Max & Sophie Unbound, along with the crazy, lovable Animazombs.

The disappearance of their grandfather, Professor Unbound, thrusts them into a world of wonder as the twins find themselves tied to the curiosities of his Laboratory, but with corrupt forces in pursuit of their power, they're challenged with more than just his rescue as they unravel a mystery of galactic consequence.

With an intriguing cast of characters, environments, and world lore, the Animazombs not only promises an exciting adventure,  but seamlessly integrates and highlights real environmental threats facing the animal kingdom, alongside more complex themes such as the singularity and the impact of A.I. in modern society.


If you'd like to learn more about The Animazombs (or just want to say hello) please get in contact!

+44 (0) 1234 346638

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