Thom The Elephant

Being moderately clever Thom is the natural leader of the Animazombs and although quite zombified he still has a brain (for now..!) Don't worry about his mouse friend down there though, he's fine.
Samuel The Meerkat

Samuel always seems to have a belly-ache! Quite possibly due to his insides usually being outsides - but he'll usually clear some space down there just so you can keep things safe inside him.
Wilson The Giraffe

With a snapped neck you wouldn't expect Wilson to be a bright spark... and you'd be right but we all love him anyway - it just means that if something's gone wrong, you can usually find Wilson nearby.

George The Hamster

Like all Animazombs, George was named after a zombie legend - although ours likes to store bugs in his cheeks! We have no official word from the other one, but we're sure he'll confirm either way.
Victor The Rabbit

Despite appearances, Victor is very lucky and will happily lend you his charms whenever required. He does annoy easily though, especially when the other Animazombs wind him up.
Bruno The Dog

Bruno's a dog... he acts like a dog... apart from the humping thing which Victor put a stop to after an unfortunate 'ear incident'..! One thing we still don't understand is how his dog-walker's arm is still attached - some things are probably best left unanswered!

Edgar The Octopus

Edgar just loves pirates. Some say a little too much, but we tend to let it slip, even if he does get a bit annoying about it. He's already lost the tip of one tentacle trying to fit too many pirate accessories (all he needs now is a parrot...)
Wesley The Lobster

We get the impression someone might have tried catching Wesley at some point, although he seems to enjoy using the cage as a waist coat and armour, so no problems there.
Snyder The Shark

It seems Snyder wasn't alone when the reanimation process took place, so he carries an extra friend around inside him. They both seem to enjoy each other's company; most of the time!

Thanks to everyone who visited us at the Spring Fair & Hyper Japan 2014!! It was a pleasure to meet and speak to you all (well, most of you...) We know that many of you are looking forward to getting your hands on some Animazombs (or Zombimals if you please!) and thankfully that time has now come as the first production run is complete and partly shipped to us here in the UK. We've now dealt with all of our fabulous Kickstarter backers so the product is now being made available freely.

If you're just after a few new zombie pets for yourself then there is only one place to get them at the moment: head over to our online shop and grab yourself some before they get scooped up! Alternatively, if you find yourself at the London Bridge Experience then have a look for them hiding there!

If you are interested in discussing something with us, whether it's related to licensing, stocking the product, or just to say hi, then please get in contact using the below form.

Thanks for visiting :) oh, if there are any great website developers out there interested in making a new site for us then get in contact - payment will be a rare one-off amazing Animazomb sample which will be worth billions in a few years!! Billions I tell you! Or maybe money...

Professor Unbound
Chief Zombie Officer


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